PhytoSciences Ghana Solutions Limited, which is a full member of the network of firms of PhytoSciences Consultants GmbH, has unrestrained access to the global firm’s vast resource base of proprietary knowledge, methodologies and experience.

The Ghanaian firm of PhytoSciences Consultants GmbH leverages a global network of scientists, subject matter experts, strategy & operations professionals to focus solutions for Ghana. We provide medical cannabis research, cannabis consulting in Ghana, scientific and regulatory guidance to local and foreign companies. We draw on the strength of PhytoSciences’s full suite of global advisory services and cannabis industry experience. We work closely with leadership from PhytoSciences Consultants GmbH to provide stakeholders due diligence, scientific support, subject matter experts and regulatory support to the emerging cannabis sector in Ghana.

Phytosciences Ghana (PSG) provides stakeholders due diligence, scientific support, subject matter experts and regulatory solutions to the cannabis sector in Ghana.

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