Our Services

Phytosciences Ghana (PSG) provides the following consulting services:

Due Diligence:

PSG provides companies with a comprehensive suite of due diligence and business intelligence solutions so they can better protect their investments. Whether you are evaluating investments, entering Ghana’s emerging cannabis market, vetting third parties or satisfying regulatory requirements, we offer a broad spectrum of consultative and programmatic solutions to address your specific needs.

Scientific Support:

PSG, through our partnership with PLD Pharm, has access to the PhytoSciences GmbH Cannabinoid Knowledge Management System leveraging global access to over 200 cannabinoid scientific assets. This network provides start-up cannabis companies strategic support in the areas of cannabis science, strategy, and executing cannabinoid research objectives.

Subject Matter Experts:

Our firm offers clients access to the leading experts in the field of cannabis science, extraction, chemistry, pharmacology, and research. Our experts are multinational and cover diverse specialties from academia to operational private industry experience.

Phytosciences Ghana (PSG) provides stakeholders due diligence, scientific support, subject matter experts and regulatory solutions to the cannabis sector in Ghana.

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